Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sippin' on 'gnac!

This Chocolate Souffle came from a Jacques Pepin recipe; picked up a 6 cup souffle pan from S la T and used eggs from the PA Farmer's Market plus these awesome bittersweet chocolate discs from trader joes. Delicious and surprisingly easy to make.

Also tried the Coq Au Vin recipe from Alton Brown online, which was fun to make and very straightforward. Got an organic bird from Wholefoods and cut it up the previous night so it could dry out overnight in the fridge, and all of my veggies from the PA Farmer's Market. I used one bottle (recipe called for two but this seemed like waaay too much liquid to have to reduce later, so it was close to equal parts wine and chicken stock going into the oven) of Trader Joes $4 Cote du Rhone and apple wood smoked Niman Ranch bacon instead of salt pork. Very tasty. Pic was taken before adding the wine (and I added then removed the mushrooms, bacon and pearl onions)

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