Tuesday, January 26, 2010

weeknight meals

Cooking during the week is always a challenge, even if I'm home for part of the day with William. (He doesn't really like to hang out while I'm busy with other things). By the time we get home from work, preparing a meal always seems to take more time and planning than we can muster. I think the solution for us will be to establish the habit of 1. preparing bulk foods on Sunday, such as soups, stews, hummus, pilafs, etc. that we can re-heat during the week and 2. having easy to prepare staples on hand. These meals, that we enjoyed last week, reflect both of these strategies.

On Wednesday night we had a delicious big salad using the greens, avocado, and pears that arrived in our produce delivery, and pantry/fridge staples for dressing, nuts, and cheese. On Thursday we had a mix of leftovers (including the not-so-photogenic but highly delicious cabbage soup) and sauteed chard that Andres prepared in about 15 minutes. We rounded out the meal with some orange slices and leftover spanakopita that my mom had brought us over the holidays (it's from the Greek Orthodox Church in Ann Arbor and is very delicious). All the variety on the plate made this assortment of leftovers feel like a real meal.

Overall, not much time investment and super yum compared to buying food or eating a pre-made burrito from Trader Joes!

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