Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today it was cold and overcast and I honestly wasn't excited about
going to the farmer's market, but we were in need of serious caffeine
after another challenging and sleepless night of parenthood- and the
market is on the way to Peet's. There's a very knowledgeable and
cheerful fisherman who operates a deep sea boat out of Pillar Point
(BKA Mavericks!) and he had some very nice looking lingcod today, so
we picked up about 2 pounds of it. Kate also scored some other
goodies, including some grass-fed ground beef and a dozen free range
eggs (

I was really excited about the fish and the dreary weather seemed to
suggest soup; I'd always wanted to try a bouillabaisse so I read a couple
of recipes and decided on a Jamie and Julia kibbutz. I skipped out on
Jamie's cartouche but did go with his hand-blender approach over
Julia's strain+remove technique. Cutting up the fish was fun and I'm
eager to mix in some different species next time- I think halibut
would be a nice addition. Definitely will make this again soon-
and it's another dish that uses saffron!


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