Sunday, January 3, 2010

two in a row!

Having a baby has left us with considerably less time to spend running errands, especially since little William absolutely hates riding in his car seat. Going to the farmers' market used to be a fun outing for us, but it has become a stressful chore. In order to make sure we were eating our veggies we signed up for this produce delivery service and have enjoyed receiving a big box of food each week.

Tonight we made butternut squash risotto using the squash and onions we had on hand from last week's delivery. The recipe came from Janet Fletcher's cookbook. My sister gave me the book for Christmas, and it's convenient to use because the recipes are organized by season. We substituted some leftover tomato soup for part of the chicken broth, which made it extra orange, and skipped the truffle oil, but otherwise we followed the recipe and enjoyed the results. Best part of recipes involving wine is that you get to drink the leftovers with dinner!

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